About us

Blue-Bubbles Swimming and SCUBA Diving Academy is the first international academy in Egypt Certified from TDI/SDI/ERDI federation in Miami, Florida, USA. Blue-Bubbles Academy started its operations in 2004. The Academy has grown substantially over the few short years since its inception and offers a wide range of high quality programs, from non-swimmers/non-divers looking to learn to swim/dive up to the standard of professional and Olympic swimmers/technical and instructor divers.

Blue-Bubbles Swimming and SCUBA Diving Academy (BBSA) and the coaching/instructing staff, is passionate about creating an environment where our customers and community thrive through swimming and SCUBA diving.

The pool, fields and surroundings are real-life laboratories where you develop athletic skills and the qualities of characters central to the International Baccalaureate Program (IB), Moderated American Red Cross Standards and TDI/SDI/ERDI international training standards.

It is the hope of Blue-Bubbles Swimming Academy that swimmers will experience the joys and benefits of participating in sports, through Safety, Comfort and Enjoyment!

Our Vision

Is to globally inspire swimming and SCUBA diving literacy, enabling our members to achieve excellence in the swimming and SCUBA diving sports for a better life style.

Our Goal

Is to achieve the highest level of performance that a swimmer & SCUBA diver can achieve physically to reach the level of an athlete.

Is to provide professional instructions in terms of competitive swimming strokes, SCUBA diving skills, sportsmanship, positive self-discipline and leadership.

Our Mission

Blue-Bubbles Academy promotes the development of swimming capabilities and the SCUBA diving skills of young people and adults.

Through administering and implementing competitiveness in accordance with the Olympic & Amateur international standards, we strive to develop outstanding future swimming champions.

BBSA is committed to excellence and the improvement of swimming. We are dedicated to provide a safe and positive environment for all members.