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BBA Admission Procedures

To assure the quality for each and every member of Blue Bubbles Academy we follow the following admission procedure:

I. Assessment
BBA require a swimming assessment to supervise and evaluation the following with each and every new member “Child/Adult” before registration to advice the candidate with the right program:
A. Physical, mental, neurological overview check.
B. Comfort level in the aquatic environment.
C. Communication-skills level between coach and candidate
D. Swimming-skills level with an overview check on the swimming technics

II. Registration
After the assessment you would need to complete, BBA registration form to be able to schedule your training sessions and confirm it with paying the fee for your chosen program.

III. Renewal
Renewal has to be made at our admission office starting 26th of each month till 30th of the same month, however if for any reason the renewal fees is not paid during this period the membership will be cancelled and you will have to start registration process from the start.

IV. Freezing your membership
Please note that we only offer membership freeze for a special medical conditions reports approved by our medical consultants.

V. Refund
We do not offer refund payments.

Please note the following:

    • All registration and renewal fees are in local currency.
    •  Assessment session is free of charge.
    •  10% siblings discount for the second and third child.
    •  All fees are payable/renewed in advance“26th to 30th of each month.
    •  Swimmers are not eligible to swim/compete unless fees are up to date.
    • We do not offer make-up lessons for missed classes.
    • These terms and conditions, as may be amended from time to time.
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    Required for every student to qualify for swimming classes