Baby Swimming Program

Developed for infants/toddlers 6 months to 2 years, Parent and infant/toddler Aquatics helps young children get ready to swim by emphasizing fun in the water. Parents and Babe participate in several guided practice sessions that help kids learn elementary swimming skills, including water entry, bubble blowing, front kicking, back floating, underwater exploration and more.

Course length:
Courses typically run for 30 minutes, 3 times a week over 4 Weeks/Level.

Baby Extension sessions: Typically run for 30 minutes with 3 toddlers/infants as a minimum amount of participants, 3 times a week.

Ratios: Number of baby swimmers/learners assigned to a coach/instructor.

Parent/Adult: Baby 1:1
Baby: Coach 6:1
  • Baby I, children learn basic skills through fun activities, such as blowing bubbles and playing with water toys.
  • Baby II, parents work with their children to practice floating and underwater exploration.
  • Baby III, parents work with their children to practice water entry.
  • Baby Intermediate, Synchronization between all previously taught skills to be able to swim back to the side of the pool.

Keep in mind:

  • Any class you take should still be together  — formal swim lessons can come later.
  • Though your toddler’s now more independent in the water, stay within arm’s reach at all times, following the Instructor directions.
  • Remember swim diapers!

LE 2000 /4 Weeks
LE 5000 /3 Months

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Required for every student to qualify for swimming classes