Pre Team Coaching Program

Pre-Team Coaching:

The key objectives that are introduced to the swimmers are:

  • Using heart rate, stroke rate and developing self-awareness in the water.
  • Goal setting (time record).
  • Developing swimmers aerobically and an-aerobically.
  • More advanced dry land training, e.g., resistance, core stability, cords, etc.
  • Meet the definition of (crawl, back, breast) and applying the butterfly technique.
  • Racing at local, inter-regional and national swim meets.
  • Working towards: National Age Group Championships.

Course length: Sessions typically are 90 – 120 minutes each, 5 to 7times a week.

Ratio: Number of candidate swimmers/learners assigned to a coach/instructor. Candidate Swimmers: Coach 8:1

50 Minutes Session

LE 2500 /4 Week
LE 6000 /3 Months

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Required for every student to qualify for swimming classes