Special Needs Swimming Program

Our goal is to work with children in a supportive, safe environment that allow them to thrive. Water can often act as a positive medium, allowing connections to be made that may not have otherwise taken place.

Our Instructors are trained to work with each child individually in order to key in on their interests, challenges, and fears.

Each week, students and their coaches spend an hour in the pool for exercise, games, and friendship. These sessions are oriented towards developing relationships, improving body coordination and skills, and most importantly, having fun in the water!

Course length: Sessions typically are 30 – 45 minutes each.

We are Specialized in the below cases:

  • Autism & other Sensory Needs.
  • Semi-Verbal & Non-Verbal.
  • Physical Needs.
  • Down syndrome.
  • Disabled and Handicapped.

Ratios: Class sizes are determined on a case-by-case basis. While many children start out in a one-on-one class, it is not uncommon to eventually move to a group setting in which there is much success as well.

Our #1 Priority: Water Safety for Your Child

In our program, children learn to swim in a safe and positive environment. Making safety a priority, our instructors teach young swimmers how to swim back to the wall after an accidental fall in the water, how to pull themselves out of the water and how to master breathing, paddling and kicking in order to swim to safety. These lifesaving skills are very important to learn at a young age because drowning is the second leading cause of death in children ages 1 – 14 and most of this drowning occur in a pool.


A Gentle and Step-by-Step Method

Our progressive step-by-step method makes learning easy and fun, and fear tactics or forces are never a part of our curriculum. Private lessons ensure that children progress at their own pace, and move on only after they’re ready for a bigger challenge. The ability to personalize lessons gives our instructors the chance to help your child develop skills, as well as conquer fear or self-doubt.


30 Minutes Session

LE 1700 /4 Weeks
LE 4500 /3 Months

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Required for every student to qualify for swimming classes